Gun Play

Two kids playing with guns outside our apartment. Kris Maxfield, 11, left, and Erik Finn, 8

Ann Taylor, alleged kidnapper

Daily Herald: John Max Taylor, the 80-year-old husband of Ann Taylor was unable to appear friday to give a deposition. Mr. Taylor was allegedly kidnapped one year ago by his wife and held for two days against his will. Trial for the kidnapping is presently set for Sept. 12 and 13. Friday, Ann Taylor was indignant about the absence of John Taylor. “I knew they were going to do this,” she declared. “I knew they would never let me see my husband.” Mrs. Taylor has maintained throughout the past year that John Taylor went with her willingly on the two-day “honeymoon” through Utah to Colorado. Deputy County Attorney Charlene Barlow explained that allegations made “by someone” that Taylor was being mistreated and held at his sister’s home against his will prompted a visit from Protective Services representative Leo Vance. That visit “stirred him all up again” and caused a decline in Taylor’s already poor health, said Barlow. “For that reason we must cancel the deposition for today.” Ann and John Taylor were married and lived together in New York for 25 years until a year before the kidnapping incident.

Camper Van Beethoven at Speedway Cafe

Camper Van Beethoven at the Speedway Cafe.

Youth of Today at Speedway Cafe

Youth of Today, with singer Ray Cappo (center left) and guitarist John Porcelly (left), perform at the punk club Speedway Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 24, 1988.

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