Midway , Utah

Midway Fire

Ruins of homes burned in the Midway fire.

Midway residents listen to officials at a public meeting during the Midway fire.

“Shaw’s Last Resort” sign and home burned in Midway fire.

Salt Lake City , Utah

Revolting Cocks at Speedway Cafe

Revolting Cocks at the Speedway Cafe.

Utah , United States


Provo , Utah

Death to False Scooter

B flips me off.

Provo , Utah

Casey Camp Burned

Casey at his camp, which was burned up in a fire while he was away.

Strawberry Reservoir , Utah

Fish Kill Strawberry Reservoir

DWR guy explains to Governor Norm Bangerter the process by which poisons are dumped into Strawberry Reservoir to kill off all the fish in an attempt to purify the fish population.

Workers dump poison into Strawberry Reservoir in an attempt to purify the fish population. All fish were killed, then it was re-stocked.

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