Utah Starzz v Los Angeles Sparks

Starzz coach Fred Williams runs over to check on guard Debbie Black after she dove through the scorer’s table chasing a loose ball vs. the Los Angeles Sparks. Black was unhurt.

The Jashari Family

The Jashari family are ethnic-Albanian refugees from Kosovo who contend that a relief agency has done little to help them since they came to America. They are sitting in their bare apartment on a couch they salvaged from a dumpster. From left: Ismail, Ajshe, Valon, Visar.


Nick Hammond (8) and Chris McKinney (12) playing Carnevil videogame with guns.

Book of Mormon in Space at the Bountiful Hand-Cart Festival Parade

5-year-old Bradley Snelgrove waves from the Woods Cross Stake float in the Bountiful Hand-Cart Festival Parade


Horse Parade

4-year-old Mikell Evans waves to riders in the horse parade who are wearing Spanish dresses to celebrate the cultural diversity (!) of Utah’s history.

boysetsfire at DV8

Boy Sets Fire at DV8 basement.

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