Nick Hammond (8) and Chris McKinney (12) playing Carnevil videogame with guns.

Book of Mormon in Space at the Bountiful Hand-Cart Festival Parade

5-year-old Bradley Snelgrove waves from the Woods Cross Stake float in the Bountiful Hand-Cart Festival Parade


Horse Parade

4-year-old Mikell Evans waves to riders in the horse parade who are wearing Spanish dresses to celebrate the cultural diversity (!) of Utah’s history.

Baptist Concern Center

Randee Barnett makes a funny face to cheer up a baby that’s come with his mother to the Baptist Concern Center to pick up some food. At left is Dustin Stockstill. Barnett and Stockstill are serving summer missions. A group of Southern Baptist summer missionaries have come to Utah to work, preach, and help out.
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