December 2001

Olympic Torch at the White House

President George Bush consoles torch runner Elizabeth Howell after the two lit the Olympic Cauldron on the South Lawn of the White House Saturday morning. Howell, a native of Honeyville, Utah, lost her husband of five years, Brady Howell, in the attack on the Pentagon.
12.22.2001, 6:28:27 AM

Utah v SUU

Utah’s Chris Burgess dunks. Utah host Southern Utah University Tuesday night at the Huntsman Center.
. 12.18.2001, 7:40:58 PM

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers

Shawn Kemp tugs on Karl Malone’s shorts. Jazz vs. Portland Trail Blazers Friday night at the Delta Center. Jazz win
12.14.2001, 8:51:57 PM

Olympic Torch at the Pentagon

Chief Petty Officer Bernard Brown (of Washington DC) carries the Olympic Torch up to the Pentagon Friday. Brown’s son, Bernard Brown Jr., was on board the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Brown Sr. works in the Navy office at the Pentagon but had taken the morning of September 11 off. The Olympic Torch Relay made a stop at the Pentagon Friday as a tribute to various heroes and victims of the September 11th attack.
. 12.21.2001, 10:10:19 AM

Olympic Torch in Manhattan

The Olympic Torch commemorates victims and heroes of the World Trade Center attack on a boat near the Statue of Liberty, then proceeds to Rockefeller Plaza where Mayor Giuliani carried the final torch and lit the Olympic cauldron.
12.23.2001, 5:43:23 PM

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