Family and friends of brothers Ashton and Byron Hobbs grieve after Utah County’s Search and Rescue team recovered their bodies from a tunnel in an irrigation canal. The two apparently drowned Wednesday night while scuba diving inside the canal in Lehi.
; 10/02/2003


plane and pole. Hunter vs. Lone Peak football Friday night at Hunter.

Cottonwood v Skyline

Cottonwood girls soccer celebrates their 1-0 victory over Skyline Thursday afternoon at Skyline.
Photo by Trent Nelson 09/11/2003

Healing Field

A healing field containing 3,412 US flags south of the Sandy City Hall Thursday, each flag in memory of a lost life in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Wasatch 100

Road Creek Rod and Gun Club

A fish run sits empty on the Leavitt family’s Road Creek Rod and Gun Club in Loa, Utah. The family’s fish facility is ending production after employing as many as thirty people. According to ranch manager Gary Hallows, the fish facility is closing due to competition from Idaho hatcheries, and this run was never contaminated with the fish parasite known as whirling disease. The club continues to serve hunters and fishermen.
Photo by Trent Nelson 09/04/2003

Rancher Kash Winn

Kash Winn is a rancher from Ferron, Utah, running cattle on BLM land in the San Rafael Swell (which stretches out behind him). Following in his father’s footsteps and living on the land he grew up in, Winn says finding a profit in ranching is becoming nearly impossible. In fact, he has begun working construction to supplement his family’s income. A new campaign would allow Winn to sell his grazing permits to either the government, other ranchers, or environmental groups. Winn is debating selling his permits, with the government or another rancher being his first choices.

Candy Judge

Paula Scott shows a variety of responses as she judges chocolates, caramels, and fudge entered into competition in the Utah State Fair Home Arts section. “It’s so hard because they’re all good,” said Scott’s judging partner, JoAnn Winward. A lot of last-minute work was underway wednesday at the Utah State Fairpark in preparation for Thursday’s opening of the Utah State Fair. The fair will be open September 4-14.
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