The Wrestling Results

It was a clean sweep in freestyle wrestling at the Moscow-Utah Youth Games, with the Moscow wrestlers winning all ten matches. left to right, top to bottom: 1. 46kg Marcus Maughan (UT) vs. Abdurakhman Bazayev 2. 50kg Colter Thaxton (UT) vs. Yevgeni Steshin 3. 54kg Dave Beagley vs. Gamzat Saiputdinov 4. 58kg Clint Spencer vs. Aleksei Arkhipov 5. 63kg Justin Morrill vs. Vagif Kaziyev 6. 69kg Phillip Rutledge vs. Aslambek Umayev 7. 76kg Robert Atkinson vs. Saidmagomed Umatgeriyev 8. 85kg Michael DeGering vs. Artur Mikoyan 9. 97kg Kevin Slater vs. Dmitri Shepelev 10. 120kg William Green vs. Artem Zaikin. 07/21/2003

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