Salt Lake City - The girls of the Huntsman family with their new adopted sister, Asha, who they just met within the last two hours. Left to right: Liddy (18), Asha, Mary Anne (21), Gracie (7), and Abby (20). The Huntsman family introduced their new adopted daughter Asha to Utah at a Friday press conference held in the Governor's Mansion.

Patrolling Short Creek

Hildale - Washington County Sheriff Deputy Darrell Cashin on patrol for speeders outside of Warren Jeffs' compound in Hildale, Utah. Cashin was assigned to the FLDS town of Hildale, Utah in November. On making inroads into the closed community, Cashin said, "It's going to take time. They need to see that they can trust me.". for FLDS Hildale/Colorado City Town Marshal story; 12.19.2006

BYU vs. Utah – Irrelevance

I’ve been meaning to write about this year’s BYU-Utah football game. I’ve photographed a lot of these games and this was, hands down, the most dramatic finish yet. But let’s back up. In any normal game, scoring a touchdown for the lead (with what, a minute or so left in the game?) means you’ve come…

NBA Strobes – Intermediate Level

Shooting the Jazz vs. Sonics with our strobes last night, I had a breakthrough. As I’ve written before, shooting basketball with strobes is a whole new approach for me. We only get one shot every 4-5 seconds, instead of the 8-frames-per-second I’m used to with available light. And with strobes you have to accept the…