Month: April 2006

Finally, Prints

AFI, Davey Havok, February 22, 1995; Berkeley Square

After twenty years of people bugging me for prints of this stuff, I’ve finally made it possible for people to purchase prints of my historic archive of punk rock photographs.

Prints are for personal use only, and proceeds from sales will go to maintain and preserve the archive.

There’s also a new gallery, all my favorites in one group, 132 photographs from 1987-1999.


Gay union poses trouble for Bountiful

From the Vancouver Sun:

One bride is Lorraine Johnson, an American, sent by her family to “marry” Blackmore, who was then the powerful bishop. She was his 18th wife. It’s not clear whether Johnson immigrated legally to Canada or simply came across the border and stayed.

The other bride is Shelina Palmer, a Canadian born into a polygamous family in Bountiful and assigned to Blackmore. She is wife number 22.


FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs charged with rape

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

“Go back and repent,” Jane said Jeffs told her. “You go give yourself mind, body and soul to your husband like you’re supposed to. He will take you into the heavenly kingdom. Go back and do what he tells you to do.” Jane said she did as instructed by Jeffs and continued to have sexual relations with John despite her objections. In a later meeting, Jeffs told Jane that in time she would grow to love John and that having a baby by him would change everything.
In another meeting, Jeffs told Jane that, “No matter what happens you cannot fight with the priesthood because if you do you’ll lose your salvation.” Those remarks frightened her enough that she stayed in the marriage, Jane said. 


Portfolio 2006

New gallery of mine on PhotoShelter, my 2006 portfolio. I’ll be updating this throughout the year. So far, January and February are up. March will be there later today.