Warren Jeffs Hearing

Handcuffed and flanked by Las Vegas Metro PD Swat officers, FLDS leader Warren Jeffs appeared before Judge James M. Bixler in the Clark County Regional Justice Center this morning and waived an extradition hearing, agreeing to be returned to Utah to face charges related to allegedly arranging an underage marriage. ; 8.31.2006

Charges Against Warren Jeffs Press Conference

Washington County attorney Brock Belnap, warren jeffs press conference ; 8.31.2006

Warren Jeffs Arrest – Trooper Eddie Dutchover

Trooper Eddie Dutchover of the Nevada Public Safety Department (Highway Patrol) tells about his arrest of fugutive FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.; 8.29.2006

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speaks during an interview at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel Tuesday morning.; 8.29.2006

Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs arrested in Las Vegas

SL Trib:

Items in the vehicle when Jeffs was captured included: 27 stacks of $100 bills, worth $2,500 each; 14 cellular phones; a radar detector, two Global Positioning System units; two female wigs, one blonde and one brunette; several knives; several CDs; three watches; three Ipods; multiple credit cards; seven sets of keys; a photograph of Jeffs and his father; a Bible and a Book of Mormon.
The items were seen on pool video footage created with official permission.


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