Back in the Film Days

The photo above shows Jeff Allred, a former Tribune photographer*, at last Friday’s Skyline vs. Alta high school football game. Jeff is editing his photos on his laptop from Alta’s bench during the fourth quarter. “Back in the film days” is a common phrase we newspaper photographers use when we get nostalgic or when we bitch and moan about our jobs. You know, how great things used to be. Covering a high school fooball game back in the film days, I would have shot three rolls of film, max, and then driven quickly back to the newspaper. I would have had to start developing my film by around 8:45 at the very latest so I could scan in one or two images for the paper’s 10 p.m. color deadline. Covering a high school football game now with digital, I shot 490 photographs of the Skyline-Alta game. At halftime I sent five photos back to the paper from my car over a cell phone at 8:21 p.m. while I relaxed with a box of EL Fudge cookies and the new Hatebreed CD. When the game ended, I photographed Alta players celebrating their victory on Skyline’s field and sent five more photos from the parking lot at 9:36 p.m. Back in the film days, indeed. *Jeff currently works for the Deseret Morning News.This post also appeard on my work blog, on the Tribune’s website.

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