Warren Jeffs Trial, Jennie Pipkin

The Warren Jeffs' trial Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007, in St. George, Utah. Jeffs, head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is charged with two counts of rape as an accomplice for allegedly coercing the marriage and rape of a 14-year-old follower to her 19-year-old cousin in 2001. Trent Nelson/The Salt Lake Tribune


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  1. caller#6 Avatar

    “And totally brainwashed!!!” said a TV guy.

    Let him who is without Stockholm Syndrome cast the first pearl.

  2. Alexa Braun Avatar
    Alexa Braun

    This is absurd that women like this have to put up with all of this. I mean, they need to have a choice. You cannot expect them to live in this kind of enviroment and be okay with the consequences when they do not give consent. Can you really say that these women are happy? Have you even taken thier feelings into consideration. For god sakes, these women have NO CHOICE. Of course they are going to follow the rules. They would rather live than be beaten to death. I cannot believe the government in the United States that we are not fixing this problem. THIS IS WRONG. These women need help!!

  3. D Ross Avatar
    D Ross

    German women wept openly, as Hitler passed by in his motorcade.

  4. kerri Avatar

    While watching “Son’s Of Perdition” lastnight i was beginning to wonder if this little girl that ran to the police and eventually returned was the same girl in the movie? in the movie she explains she doesnt want to be with this group anymore.
    If Warren Jeffs had explain everything to each member, and each child, what is outside the town, such as beliefs and their ways of living. I doubt he would have a member left. This is blatant cult activity. with severe brain washing! from infancy to adulthood. they live as though their religion is in a world of its own. Not to mention most of the kids who have escaped places like these have no idea what certain things are, most are wanting to go to high school or college!
    i think that is fantastic! im so tired of hearing of men like this take jesus under his home and call it the allmighty word, warren jeffs word, believe him give him all your money your children so he can rape, and eventually marry. illegal you ask? he would say no thats what god wants.
    its just another way of raping innocent children, not only sexually but their entire being.
    can you emagine what it will now be like for these children to move on to a healthy relationship?
    and to see your child as an object as the documentary stated, my gods i look at my daughter thinking…. what joy i would be missing if i only saw her as an object.