So BYU’s got the ball on the 11, down one point, about a minute left on the clock. I’m in perfect position for a game-winner. Put down the 600mm lens (above) and go to the 70-200. They’re that close. Check the exposure, white balance, how full my card is. It’s going to happen in a matter of seconds. I’m ready. Nothing can go wrong.

The ball goes to Harvey Unga, who runs straight through the Utah defense for the game-winning touchdown. I’m in the perfect position to capture it all. Here is my sequence:

I’ve got the perfect look at the play, until Mr. B steps in front of me. You can guess what B stands for.

I love how he’s still in front of me for the celebration. Keep in mind, there is no time to move to a better angle. This all took place in seconds.

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  1. Trent,

    Who does that gorgeous hand belong to on the left side of the second to last photo?

  2. Er, “To whom does it belong”

    Stupid grammar.

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