So BYU’s got the ball on the 11, down one point, about a minute left on the clock. I’m in perfect position for a game-winner. Put down the 600mm lens (above) and go to the 70-200. They’re that close. Check the exposure, white balance, how full my card is. It’s going to happen in a matter of seconds. I’m ready. Nothing can go wrong.

The ball goes to Harvey Unga, who runs straight through the Utah defense for the game-winning touchdown. I’m in the perfect position to capture it all. Here is my sequence:

I’ve got the perfect look at the play, until Mr. B steps in front of me. You can guess what B stands for.

I love how he’s still in front of me for the celebration. Keep in mind, there is no time to move to a better angle. This all took place in seconds.

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BYU vs. Utah – Irrelevance

(directly related post)

I’ve been meaning to write about this year’s BYU-Utah football game. I’ve photographed a lot of these games and this was, hands down, the most dramatic finish yet.

But let’s back up. In any normal game, scoring a touchdown for the lead (with what, a minute or so left in the game?) means you’ve come from behind to win. Game over.

Utah did just that, as Utah’s Brent Casteel ran for a touchdown. Even better, he ran right at me and I got the whole sequence (which is posted above). In my mind, I knew that one of these shots could run large as the key play of the game, the go-ahead score.

His teammates piled onto him in celebration, and again I had a great spot for that photo.

Then, the unbelievable happened. as Casteel run back to the sideline, Utah coach Kyle Whittingham hoisted him into the air and let out a celebratory yell. Whittingham rarely lets loose like this, which made the photo that much more cool. Even better, most of the photographers were on the other side of the field and probably didn’t even notice this moment.

But unfortunately for Whittingham and the Utes, BYU then ran down the field and scored to win as time ran out. As that touchdown knocked the Utes out of a win, it also knocked these photographs into irrelevance.

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  1. Lennie


    Who does that gorgeous hand belong to on the left side of the second to last photo?

  2. Lennie

    Er, “To whom does it belong”

    Stupid grammar.

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