Utah has a minute or so on the clock to run a few plays, and the photographers are all planning their post-game approach. Before the game we decided that two of the three Tribune photographers would focus on the winning team after the game and one would focus on the losing team. I’m assigned to the winners. I look around and see all these BYU security folk and cops with ropes around the field. I interpret this as meaning that no fans are going to rush the field and we’ll have a clear shot of the on-field celebration. I plan to sit tight and shoot from the sideline, rather than do a crazy run out onto the field.

I lean over to the photographer next to me, point to my super-telephoto 600mm lens, and say, “I’m going long on the postgame. Something tells me that’s the right approach.” He doesn’t say what he’s planning, but I’m feeling good about my choice.

A couple plays later the clock runs out and BYU has won the game. I start to take a couple of my long-view shots and immediately, something is blocking my view. The fans are loose:

A swarm of fans is rushing the field. Unless I do the same, I won’t be getting anything. So I get up with all my gear and start to run…shooting as I run…

In these situations, there’s always a big scrum in the middle of things. If you don’t get into the scrum as it forms, you aren’t getting a shot. As you can see, I’m not in the scrum.

After a moment I realize I need to find something else. There are two other Tribune photographers on the field and I’ll just have to assume that they are getting anything I’m missing.

To be continued…

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