Riverdale – Riverdale Police Officer Casey Warren responded to a complaint of a suspicious man near a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the ShopKo on Riverdale Road, Wednesday, December 19, 2007. As a shopper looked on and with firearm drawn, Warren ordered the suspect prone on the ground. Shortly after complying, the suspect stood up and ran off across the parking lot. He was chased and apprehended across the street as several other officers responded. This information from Lt. Scott Brenkman

You know that old rule- always have your camera with you? Big reminder yesterday.

Walking to my car after a routine assignment, I saw a police car race through the parking lot. The officer stopped maybe thirty feet away. He (Riverdale police officer Casey Warren) jumped out, gun drawn, and started yelling at a suspect to freeze and get on the ground.

I couldn’t see the suspect, but looking at the shot above you see he’s got his hands down on the ground. But a second later he got up and started running.

As he ran across the empty parking lot, he looked my way. Great time for the autofocus to hiccup.

As officer Warren took off after him on foot, at least five police cars converged on the scene. They caught the guy at Burger King.

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