Month: February 2008

The Writer

West Jordan – James Dashner is an accountant-turned-fantasy-writer who just received a national publishing contract for his book “The 13th Reality.” He spends considerable time typing in bookstores, including Barnes and Noble at Jordans Landing, where he was photographed Friday, February 29, 2008. Sometimes, he spend 8 hours a week at the West Jordan store.
; 2.29.2008

Skyline v American Fork

“Rotater” Art


The front page of the Tribune’s website has this cool thing that rotates through several of the top news stories of the moment. Once in a while as the rotater switches from one story to the next there’s a slight hitch in the system; for a split second the displayed text doesn’t match up with the displayed photo.

This little tech hiccup has created a new source of entertainment for some of us staffers, trying to capture funny screen captures. I found the one above and thought it was pretty funny. But then fellow photographer Scott Sommerdorf caught this one and stormed the leaderboard:


5th Foul

Richfield – Piute’s Krystyna Lamas (left) wipes a tear from her eye after fouling out of the game in the 4th quarter. Left to right: Lamas, Koye Willis, Chelsey Perry, and Megan Jensen. Rich defeats Piute 57-43 in the 1A State Championship game, high school girls basketball at the Sevier Valley Center, Saturday, February 16, 2008.

Another series of state basketball championships and the only photos that matter to me now are the storytelling moments. The jump shots, steals, rebounds, and scrambles that I captured at high shutter-speed— you could literally throw them all out and I would never notice them missing.