Originally published on December 5, 2008.

More photos from the first ever FLDS media opportunity at the YFZ Ranch, this time focusing on the journalists and media that were there.

4.14.2008 1981.jpg

You know how I said before that it turned into a mix and mingle? See:

4.14.2008 1985.jpg
4.14.2008 1984.jpg
4.14.2008 2078.jpg
4.14.2008 2107.jpg
4.14.2008 2109.jpg
4.14.2008 2041.jpg

Marie got a lot of attention. She was obviously very distraught over her three young children being taken away.

4.14.2008 2113.jpg

One reporter gave her a hug:

4.14.2008 2116.jpg

At one point I started watching a reporter asking Sally questions about the claims of child-brides and criminal activity among the FLDS living on the ranch. She wouldn’t answer and kept trying to keep the conversation on the children being taken away from their mothers, but the newsman kept pursuing his line of tough questions. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and put her head in her hands:

4.14.2008 1468.jpg

Here is the rest of the sequence as Sally walked off on the reporter. This happened fast, two seconds tops:


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