Originally published on December 6, 2008.


As the media availability on the YFZ Ranch continued, the FLDS women were very emotional telling their personal accounts of being separated from their children by CPS earlier that day.

4.14.2008 1559.jpg

Not only the Kleenex, look at the body language in the fingers.

4.14.2008 1684.jpg
4.14.2008 1414.jpg
4.14.2008 1590.jpg

The reporter from People Magazine spoke a lot to this group of women:

4.14.2008 2069.jpg

They seemed to be speaking more about their lifestyle than about losing their children, though I can’t be sure— it wasn’t my interview. I wondered if they would get the cover over Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

4.14.2008 2101.jpg

These two were posing for the photographer People Magazine had hired:

4.14.2008 1678.jpg

And this is the moment when he took the shot that put them on the cover of People Magazine. Bet they never thought in a million years they would staring out at every check-out lane in America’s grocery stores.

4.14.2008 1695.jpg

Last frame for today:

4.14.2008 2123.jpg

This woman told me about the mormon hymn book she had taken with her to the shelter, “I’m so glad I had this with me.”

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