Eldorado , Texas

Turnabout – YFZ

6.03.2008 6511.jpg

About three weeks ago I took this photo of a nine-year-old FLDS boy at the YFZ ranch who had just been reunited with his family after spending two months in state custody. (You can read about that here.)

Yesterday we were out at the ranch and I saw him again. I didn’t photograph him this time, because if I bug him too much he says I’ll turn into a cockroach. But as we were leaving he picked up my camera and we turned the tables on each other, as he took this photograph of me:

6.26.2008 7171.jpg

Eldorado , Texas

YFZ Grand Jury

(The Photo Gallery may or may not be working. I’m fixing it now. If you can’t wait, go here: http://tribblogs.com/fly/2008/06/yfz-grand-jury/.)

Spent the day in front of the Schleicher County Courthouse in Eldorado, Texas, where a grand jury was considering evidence from the raid on the YFZ ranch for possible criminal charges against members of the FLDS church. Several FLDS women were called in to testify. And before I go on, I must give some credit to the eye of Stephanie Sinclair. She noticed the silhouettes first and I followed her inspiration for a beautiful, symbolic image of the day’s events.
In the gallery below, photos from throughout the day, all shot with the 600mm lens. We were kept back at least 150 feet from the building, which was surrounded by yellow police tape. Worse than that tape was me leaving my monopod in the hotel room and having to handhold the 600 all day long.

Late in the afternoon, Teresa Jeffs got antsy and climbed up a tree on the courthouse grounds. The photo below (with handy red circle) shows you how high she went:

6.25.2008 6980.jpg

Amarillo , Texas

First Place – Best Blog Entry – SPJ

3.10.2007 2576p.jpg

My March 2007 post, Monika, was awarded first place for best blog entry by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Utah Headliners Chapter. You can read the post by clicking on the photo above.

I won a couple of other things, too. I’ll post those shortly. The complete list of SPJ winners is here. A lot of Tribune names on that list. Congrats, friends.

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