Here and now I’m presenting the awards for the past two weeks spent covering the polygamy raid in Texas. I fully recognize that all of you involved (media, CPS, FLDS) were deserving of some award or another, and I had a hard time narrowing it down to these finalists. So if you didn’t win (or if you did), remember that it’s all in fun. As they say at the YFZ schoolhouse: We’re all about smiles around here!

Most unobtrusive photographer in a pink shirt with a wet towel on his head:

6.02.2008 6465.jpg

Sweatiest hairy neck on a hot day:

6.01.2008 6122.jpg

Best judge-shielding by a baliff:

5.27.2008 5846.jpg

Best photo of man holding a box:

5.27.2008 5800 1.jpg

Best photo of Willie Jessop where he appears to be walking into a pole with a small human head growing out of his shoulder:

6.02.2008 6367.jpg

Best onion:

5.29.2008 5728 1.jpg

Worst case of microphone assault:

5.23.2008 5661.jpg

Most ironic use of yellow tape during a CPS press conference:

6.02.2008 6410.jpg

Worst place to sit on a 106 degree day: Between two hot grills at the Japanese Steak House.

Worst food product ever bought at a gas station: Fried green beans in Eldorado.

Photographer hustle award:

6.02.2008 6352 1.jpg

Best souvenir: A business card I collected. But I can’t tell you whose it is.

Favorite quote uttered at an Italian restaurant: “If the families won at the Supreme Court, why are they losing?”

Worst shady place to park on a stakeout the Schleicher County Courthouse when you need to be able to clearly see the front door:

6.02.2008 6421 1.jpg

Cutest couple: Aw, come on. Too easy of a joke.

Funniest (and only) ten minutes of television I watched in two weeks: The Nancy Grace Show.

Best day off: No award given.

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