Where Have I Been? Can’t Say.

chickens, roosters, whatever.
chickens, roosters, whatever. photo copyright Trent Nelson/The Salt Lake Tribune. All Rights Reserved

Brooke and I made a deal not to talk about our latest trip. So I can’t tell you where we went or about any of the interesting people we met and talked to. I can’t tell you what a great story it is from every angle. You’ll just have to wait and I’ll have a lot to say when it runs.

So here’s a photo from the trip that isn’t geotagged, isn’t captioned, and has no location info whatsoever. And I’m loving the fact that Adobe finally, finally, figured out an easy way for me to get the correct color from my camera without shooting color charts and running calibration scripts that took hours and never seemed to work anyway. If you’re a photographer shooting RAW, make sure you go get Camera Raw 4.5 and the new DNG camera profiles (or LightRoom 2.0). You can find links to articles explaining the technology here.

Westcliffe and FLDS House of Hiding

Chickens and roosters. Westcliffe, Colorado – Curiousity and suspicion runs high among residents of this Colorado mountain town regarding their new neighbors, members of Warren Jeffs’ FLDS church. A small group of FLDS have moved into the Bull Domingo subdivision just outside of town. Monday, July 28, 2008.
; 07.28.2008

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