Month: February 2009

Championship Games


Shirking Work

Don’t tell my boss that I’m not editing that video I promised to finish. Instead, I’m over at the state basketball tournament shooting masterpieces like this:

2.27.2009 3183.jpg

and this…

2.27.2009 9620.jpg

Assignment: Newborn Twins

2.21.2009 7275.jpg

Angela Chaudhari with her newborn twin sons Ashym and Aryan. I caught the candid moment above while we waited for Aryan to finish downing a bottle. Then we set up for your average portrait, but a family member in the background must have said something funny because Angela made that beautiful face of joy. Done.

2.21.2009 9955.jpg

I love square photos.

PhotoCamp Utah – March 14th

PCAAAPicture 1.png

News from the PhotoCamp Utah website:

PhotoCamp has sold out – but due to huge demand, we have added 75 seats to our max capacity. If you are thinking of registering, this is your second chance so act fast! These will sell out again and fast!

PhotoCamp Utah is for photographers BY photographers. For this event-be a success, we need you-be there!

We have some amazing presenters comitted – sharing their knowledge, entertaining keynote speakers, and sponsors giving us some amazing gifts – all-make this a great event for all those that attend. This is going-be an exciting event.

I’m really looking forward to this great event. I plan on soaking up a lot of passion and energy from the photographers attending, from the novice shooters to the professionals.

And if you look at the schedule, you’ll see that I’m speaking.

Click here for more information.