Month: April 2009

Jazz v Lakers: Game Three, Director’s Cut

My edit for game three, a thrilling win for the Jazz with several key plays, tends toward the unusual and the spectacle. The last three shots focus on the three key plays that ended the game: Carlos Boozer’s dunk in the final minute, Kyle Korver reacting to Deron William’s key shot to put the Jazz up for good, and the fans’ reaction to Kobe Bryant’s miss at the buzzer.


Jazz Practice

I’m obviously a few days behind on my Jazz posts. But then again, as my wife often reminds me, I don’t get paid for blogging. So we’re going on my schedule…

Rule 2- comedy is black and white.

In these media situations, which are very short, reporters just go from player to player for quick interviews. This is the crowd around Deron Williams:

4.20.2009 1052.jpg

So if you’re late to the mob you can go over the top:

4.20.2009 1063.jpg

Or you can crawl in low:

4.20.2009 1047.jpg

That shot captures the mood after game one’s thrashing at the hands of the Lakers. This next shot is a complete failure but it caught my eye for some reason. It reminds me of a movie still:

4.20.2009 5907.jpg

Not much of a crowd around Carlos Boozer:

4.20.2009 5873.jpg

Andrei Kirilenko’s hair:

4.20.2009 5822.jpg

My 11-year-old son was next to me while I was editing my photos. Not that he finds my job at all interesting (he says it’s completely boring), he did love this shot of coach Jerry Sloan:

4.20.2009 5793.jpg

And here’s what Sloan’s reaction might be if when he reads this post:

4.20.2009 5799.jpg

If you didn’t see it, scroll back up to see Sloan with Andrei’s hair. Oh man, he’s going to kill me…

Jazz v Lakers: Game One, Flash Zero

4.19.2009 5584.jpg

Even with good ambient lighting and kick-ass cutting-edge digital cameras, the top outlets (like Sports Illustrated and the NBA) are still using strobes to photograph the NBA playoffs. They’re settling for one shot every 4-5 seconds when they could have ten frames every second. It makes me wonder. But I gotta say, after looking at the photos in my take that their strobes ruined, these shooters have exceptional timing. See you tonight.

4.19.2009 5613.jpg
4.19.2009 5308.jpg
4.19.2009 9112.jpg
4.21.2009 1614.jpg

Travel Tips – NBA Playoffs – Four Pix

Here’s tips for traveling to the NBA playoffs in the 2009 media world, in four iPhone photos. First, get on a plane before sunrise, the day of the game:


2. Make sure to spill your Starbucks on one of the few shirts you brought. Best to do this at the very start of the trip:


3. Get a window seat so you can enjoy the beautiful and remote and scary scenery of Utah:


4. Find your spot courtside at the Staples Center, and make sure to put the wide angle lens on the camera that is producing soft photos:


Not pictured: The many celebrities at courtside.
Not named: The many celebrities at courtside.