Second Place Sports Photo – SPJ

P5 Staring Down The Beam.jpg
University of Utah gymnast Katie Kivisto stares down the beam during her routine Friday, January 4, 2008 at the Huntsman Center. Another award. I’m trying to get these contest posts out of the way before my friend Bob starts ridiculing me like he did last year: “Look at Me! I’ve got Awards!” Contests are funny. I thought the other sports photos I entered were stronger than this shot. It’s hard to predict what’s going to win. No, impossible. Having judged many contests I can tell you which photos are likely to make it into the final selection, but predicting which finalists will take the top three spots is impossible. Years ago an editor was upset that the photo department had submitted “too many” contest entries. At fifteen bucks per entry, he had an interest in keeping down costs. He wanted to put more oversight over our entries so that we were “only entering the ones that will win.” Of course, if we knew which photographs were going to win awards, we could save plenty of fifteen dollars.