Fall Colors

9.30.2009 9566.jpg

Here’s a beautiful photograph that was never published. Every fall newspaper photographers are sent out to capture the changing of the season.

I got the call one day, with the reminder that, “It’s got to have people in it!”

I drove up Farmington Canyon after a light dusting of snow and there was not a soul in sight. But there was this beautiful scene as the sun snuck out through the foggy clouds.

I was unaware that another Tribune photographer had also gotten the fall colors assignment. His photo ran in the next day’s paper. Was it because there were no people in mine? No. His shot had no people in it, either.

The Showdown

Last Saturday Chris Detrick and I were down in Provo to photograph the BYU vs. TCU football game. We had been tasked with putting out a video piece on the game. Wanting to do something different we decided to use the wild west theme of our sports page that day, which featured a cartoon of two gunfighters (a cougar and a horny frog) in a showdown. We put together a video mashing up various elements from the sports page (over-the-top headlines and text, the cartoon) as well as our photos from the game. I just checked for it on the Tribune site and noticed that the video isn’t working. Now that I look around, I don’t think it ever even went up.

Not to worry, it got taken a step further and this version is quite ridiculous. Enjoy:

BYU vs. TCU Football

BYU gets crushed 38-7 by TCU. Here’s how it went down:

10.24.2009 5764.jpg

TCU’s Ed Wesley (34) leaps over BYU’s DB Brandon Bradley (5) for a first half touchdown.

10.24.2009 5689.jpg

TCU’s Joseph Turner (24) lets out a yell after scoring in the first half.

10.24.2009 5972.jpg

TCU’s Jimmy Young (88) pulls in a touchdown pass ahead of BYU’s DB Brandon Bradley (5).

10.24.2009 6102.jpg

BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall yells as his team comes off the field.

10.24.2009 6107.jpg

Max Hall is sacked by TCU’s Cory Grant (57).

10.24.2009 6193.jpg

Max Hall is sacked by TCU’s D.J. Yendrey (55, front) and TCU’s Wayne Daniels (96).

10.24.2009 6223.jpg

Max Hall walks off the field after fumbling the ball.

10.24.2009 6169.jpg

Max Hall on the bench with the score 38-7. At left is Harvey Unga, right is Dennis Pitta.

10.24.2009 6263.jpg

A BYU fan epxresses his disappointment with the officiating.

10.24.2009 6345.jpg

Grass stains on Max Hall’s jersey.

Brighton v Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove’s football team kneels around coach Dale Sampson in a pre-game moment of silence. Brighton vs. Pleasant Grove high school football Friday, October 9 2009 in Sandy.

Nightmare Mansion


Lexxi Galloway, Abby Hone: “I sit in a padded room. I’m often mistaken for a dummy.”

10.03.2009 2105.jpg

Mattias Kasparian

10.03.2009 2104.jpg

I was too freaked out to ask her name.

10.03.2009 2071.jpg

Ervin Amaya


Britany Egan: “I’m a patient who killed her doctor and has a brain.” Gage Barney

Nightmare Mansion

Abby Hone
Nightmare Mansion is a brand new haunted house owned by the Castle of Chaos. Nightmare Mansion is home to four levels of fear, each progressively scarier than the last. The first show, Nightmare in 3D, consists of 3D art painted by nationally renowned artist, Stuart Smith. 3D glasses will be provided, this is the only Smith show in Utah. If you dare to go further, the next show takes you deeper into the nightmare and into the basement mortuary, for the Haunted Mansion. The third show, Taken Asylum is a little twisted, the patients are taking over the mental hospital. The last show, The Dungeon is just downright brutal, envision a prison housing only the worst criminal offenders. Saturday, October 3 2009 in Taylorsville.

BYU vs. Utah State Football


Took a shot at the BYU vs. Utah State game tonight. Above is a sequence (Utah State’s Bobby Wagner knocks the ball from BYU’s Spencer Hafoka), and the rest are black and white. I took a lot of ribbing in the press box for converting these to black and white, but the clarity of color in my Canon Mark II cameras at high ISO is more embarrassing than a guy trying to look serious old school by converting his photos to black and white.


BYU running back JJ Di Luigi is brought down by Utah State’s James Brindley


BYU running back Manase Tonga (bottom of the pile) dives into the end zone


Max Hall


Fans taunt defender Kejon Murphy while Luke Ashworth celebrates a touchdown


BYU’s Luke Ashworth (left) celebrates his first half touchdown with teammates Braden Brown (center) and O’Neill Chambers


Chris Randle knocks the ball away from Manase Tonga


Kerwynn Williams leaps


Harvey Unga dives into the end zone for a touchdown

Insane Clown Posse at Saltair

10.01.2009 7748.jpg

Wow. Spent last night photographing the Juggalos and the band they follow, Insane Clown Posse.


I passed up the chance to photograph ICP when they came through in ’97 or ’98. And I’ve always regretted it.

10.01.2009 0591.jpg

Just before they took the stage I was led, with another photographer and a some dude dressed up as a circus clown, right in front of the stage. A security guy told us that as soon as it “got crazy,” we had to leave that area immediately.

It didn’t take long to get crazy. But before it did, the security guy pointed to the guy in the clown outfit and asked me, “Who is that guy?” I said, “I have no idea.” He grabbed the clown and kicked him out.

10.01.2009 7908.jpg

It got crazy fast. Before I knew it, Violent J (above) and Shaggy 2 Dope were spraying the crowd with Faygo soda. My cameras got a little splashed as the security guy led me out.

10.01.2009 0777.jpg

Kudos to Insane Clown Posse for, wait, did I just say, “kudos to Insane Clown Posse?” Yeah, I did. Great photo access. No rules and no hassles.

10.01.2009 0776.jpg

I definitely want to photograph the Dark Carnival again.

10.01.2009 0760.jpg
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