My TSA pat down photo on BoingBoing


It took a few weeks, but this photo I took at the Salt Lake City Airport just took off. It just got posted on BoingBoing, but without any information as to where it came from. We were shooting this pat down and the traveler was visibly frustrated at how long it was taking. As the TSA agent prepared to search the guy’s waistband, he dropped his pants. The TSA agent seemed a little stunned.

We tried to talk to the traveler when he was finished with the search, but he ran off to his gate, declining to talk to us.


Now you know…

Link: TSA WTF OTD – Boing Boing

BYU vs. New Mexico Football


So close to the line, but only a first down for Jake Heaps.


BYU’s Vic So’oto, Zeke Mendenhall, Kyle Van Noy, bring down Kasey Carrier.


Short burst of sunshine on the fans.


Jake Heaps.

Warren Jeffs Extradition Hearing

Warren Jeffs appeared in 3rd District Court yesterday where his attorneys tried to delay his extradition to Texas where he faces charges of sexual assault and bigamy. The Tribune story is here:

I was the pool photographer in the court, which means that my photos were distributed to various media outlets covering the story. Here are some photos…

Before he came in, a Department of Corrections officer asked the judge to have Jeffs appear in his prison uniform, saying it was against DOC policy to let prisoners change. The judge denied the request. Jeffs appeared in a suit, though he was shackled.

Supporters stood as Jeffs entered. The four in the front row are media.


At one point Jeffs made a request or asked a question of an officer. From what I could tell the officer turned him down.


Jeffs seemed more aware of the camera in this hearing than any previous. He looked my way a few times, including this sequence with a slight grin.

This is Warren’s reaction as the judge ordered his extradition to Texas. Really it was no reaction at all, same look as before.

As he was escorted out, Jeffs had a smile and a few words with attorney Walter Bugden.

My Esteemed Colleagues…

After five months of editing I’m about to go back to shooting full time. One constant was the high quality of work put in by the Tribune’s photographers. I’d like to thank them for their efforts. The work turned in has repeatedly blown me away. Here is a set of favorite photographs (one from each Tribune photographer) that has, as one friend would say, “melted my face off…”

stabbing pf05.jpeg
I called Paul Fraughton off an assignment so he could race to the scene of a stabbing where he took this powerful photograph of Jack Pankow comforting his son Tracy, whose twin brother was stabbed to death in the parking lot of a Dollar Store. Such a tragic story. Paul’s photograph makes me feel like I was there at the scene, watching and feeling this family’s pain. It hurts. I will never forget this image and how sad I felt when I first saw it.

bison roundup dg 4563.jpeg
Our newest photographer, Djamila Grossman, has the freshest eye. Going through her work from any assignment I’m left stunned, wondering how she comes up with her unique points of view. This photo was from a bison roundup on Antelope Island. Like most of her assignments she came back with not just one, but several wonderful photographs to choose from.

scott curley manhunt rme  8.jpeg
Rick Egan spent multiple days in August covering the desert search for suspected cop-killer Scott Curley. Here, Deputy Eric Houston scans the horizon. Rick is amazing to work with, always willing to drop everything and go wherever we need him to without a single word of complaint. Not even a sigh. Amazing.

Scott Sommerdorf captured a humorous juxtaposition at a SWAT standoff. But aside from the humor, this photograph brings home the danger that innocents face in potentially violent situations like this one. Scott puts a lot of thought into his work and it pays off for us constantly.

We often pigeonhole Francisco Kjolseth as being our resident studio and portrait expert. He is that, but he also shoots the pants off of any other type of assignment. Francisco made this frame at an immigration press conference that was thoroughly hijacked by the opposition.

tour Hageman CD 2.jpeg
Chris Detrick found a great angle and dramatic light while photographing Todd Hageman and others competing in the Tour of Utah Prologue. Hey Chris, what a shame we didn’t get on any mountain bike trails together this summer! Once the snow melts we’ll put rubber to dirt.


Al Hartmann is a machine. Every day he is our first photographer on duty and our go-to guy for breaking news. I love the sense of danger in this frame. Even so, I had a hard time deciding between this shot and the one he took moments later, when the exhausted and sweaty firefighters poured water onto their faces in an attempt to cool down.

Steve Griffin hit a home run with this photo from a rally at the state capitol when California’s Proposition 8 was overturned. Beautiful light, the rainbow, etc. Very cool, just like all of his work is. But I’m not supposed to talk about Steve so we’ll quickly move on…


Leah Hogsten takes some of my favorite photos. Looking at her work you can tell that she is often in perfect tune with her subjects, able to put them at ease and anticipate what the best photograph or moment will be. This was her take of a lemonade stand in Draper. It was one of my first days in the editorial meeting when I put this up on the screen and the reaction was incredible. We loved it.

Are any of my colleagues reading this? Now that I’ve buttered you up, anyone want to trade for my Friday night shift?

Just kidding. Thanks for all you’ve done…

Utah v TCU College Football

Wayne Daniels strips the ball from Utah quarterback Jordan Wynn during the first half, leading to a TCU touchdown.

TCU beats Utah 47-7. This game will go down as one of the worst performances in a big game by a Utah sports franchise. I’ve never seen a more lopsided contest.

Cat Palmer Photo Shoot

Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune
Photographer Cat Palmer gathered 14 women who shaved their heads and were photographed Saturday, October 2, 2010. Left to right: Kate Cook, Alana Kindness, Joey Behrens, Maria Byrne, Nicole Beal, Jen Hull, Annette Ephroni, Rachel Scott, Alexandra Yost.

Utah State v BYU

Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune
Utah State’s Chris Randle rolls to a stop after intercepting a pass from BYU quarterback Jake Heaps. Utah State vs. BYU college football in Logan Friday, October 1, 2010.

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