Month: November 2010

Warren Jeffs Extradition Hearing

Warren Jeffs appeared in 3rd District Court yesterday where his attorneys tried to delay his extradition to Texas where he faces charges of sexual assault and bigamy. The Tribune story is here:

I was the pool photographer in the court, which means that my photos were distributed to various media outlets covering the story. Here are some photos…

Before he came in, a Department of Corrections officer asked the judge to have Jeffs appear in his prison uniform, saying it was against DOC policy to let prisoners change. The judge denied the request. Jeffs appeared in a suit, though he was shackled.

Supporters stood as Jeffs entered. The four in the front row are media.


At one point Jeffs made a request or asked a question of an officer. From what I could tell the officer turned him down.


Jeffs seemed more aware of the camera in this hearing than any previous. He looked my way a few times, including this sequence with a slight grin.

This is Warren’s reaction as the judge ordered his extradition to Texas. Really it was no reaction at all, same look as before.

As he was escorted out, Jeffs had a smile and a few words with attorney Walter Bugden.