BYU vs. Utah, Basketball

H6smokeyohyeahNote: My name is Smokey the Bear and I’ve been a regular on this blog for nearly two years. I’ve now taken over the blog and am writing all posts, because Trent stopped posting here. I’m only allowing Trent the occasional rebuttal because, let’s face it, it’s funny to hear him try to cover up his missteps.

Hey everyone, Smokey here. Photographers are so hilarious. They spend their time off working on photography. Can you imagine? How many of you come home from work selling pharmaceuticals, walk in the door, say hi to the wife and kids and start selling pharmaceuticals again?

I don’t think a lot of reporters go home only to fine tune articles that have already been published as if there is some future coming where people are going to want to look at old content. It will never happen.

Still, that’s what photographers do. I’ve made an edit of Trent’s best photos from last Saturday’s college basketball game between BYU and Utah. Who won the game, you ask? Who cares, it happened days ago!

12 10 2011 3266
Nice obscure frame from the pre-game huddle. I call this a classic Smith, with the blacks clipped to death and scant content. No paper would run it, but it rules. What does that say about papers?

12 10 2011 6715
The top down lighting at the Huntsman Center remains awful, except when it isn’t.

Technique talk? Boring. Back to photos.

12 10 2011 6412
I’m picking a couple no-ball photos. Gotta get away from the typical, generic basketball photography.

12 10 2011 3472
When you’re down twenty points, it’s easy to get emotional.

12 10 2011 6909
Another no-ball to round it out.

And that’s it. This edit is all about photos, not telling the story of the game. I didn’t see anything in the take that really had the players showing the emotion of winning or losing but of course there wasn’t much emotion. It was a blow-out.

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