Month: April 2012

My Desk, R.I.P.

8 14
Desks in the photo department, circa 2007. From left, Chris Detrick, Al Hartmann, and mine.

This week the photo department is moving to a new spot in the newsroom and I’ll no longer have a desk to call my own. Oh, the memories…

12 12
circa 2006

Like the times I would open the drawer to find some random artifact left by a prankster, things like the energy bar I once found mashed into my paperclip bin.

05 01
circa 2009

I packed up all my things two weeks ago. Everything fit into an empty MacBook box, which I took home and haven’t opened since.

11 02
circa 2011

I’ll miss having a desk but damn, I also had a great chair. When we first moved into the building, the photo department was filled with really good chairs, especially compared to the chairs some other departments got.

But our department was raided the very first weekend, when some other department(s) came in while we were gone and took our chairs. A few of us went out and rescued a couple of the good chairs from the raiders and brought them back to the photo department. I painted my initials on my chair with Liquid Paper to protect against any future chair raids. After that I only had to rescue it once, when a chairnapper rolled it to her desk on the other side of the building and tried to camouflage it with a sweater.


I know, right?

As much as I love that chair, it’s impossible for us to continue on together. You can’t have a long distance relationship with a chair.

I’m going to have to start seeing other chairs.

That might be the saddest part of this whole event.

Sports Shooter Venue Guide – Lazy Elk High School

I am so jazzed that this article of mine finally made it to SportsShooter. If any of you haven’t photographed basketball at Lazy Elk High School, you’re in for a treat!

Lazy Elk Photo Pass
Link: Sports Shooter Venue Guide – Lazy Elk High School

To avoid any unpleasantries make sure you check in with one of the assistant vice principals before you start shooting. In exchange for your drivers license they will give you a sideline pass. This pass must be worn around your neck and must remain visible at all times.

Next, the school police deputy will point out any players on the team that can’t be photographed, either because their parents haven’t signed a media release or because they’re facing felony charges.

And here’s another photo that didn’t make it, showing what happens if you aren’t wearing your sideline pass at Lazy Elk:


And of course, this one: