Republican National Convention – pt 9

I knew my Mark 2 was an old camera, but damn if it isn’t a dirty old man as well. I was photographing this lady…

…when the camera’s autofocus took a detour and tracked back to the other lady’s cleavage…

…before returning to where I wanted it.

Nice try, Smokey. You’re still in timeout.

I had Canon Professional Services check out the camera. They said they replaced the hot shoe.

I’m not sure that’s the only problem.

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Republican National Convention – pt 8

I’m shooting so many photographs that it’s tough to keep up with editing. You want to make sure you don’t miss anything, so you look for small details that make a photo really work. I’ll zoom in a lot on images in Lightroom, like this:

That was completely uncalled for Smokey. I’ve warned you before about insulting my subjects. You’re in timeout. Leave your box and don’t come back until I say so.

Readers, it’s not that I don’t love Bat Boy.

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