My Desk – Pavilion

There seems to be an LDS chapel on every other corner in parts of Utah, and there’s also a whole subculture of people who work from their cars in church parking lots. It’s mostly a quick shot – you pull in, edit and send some photos, and pull out. But I’ve seen people napping, eating lunch, etc.

To do it right, though, you find a church with a picnic area and a shaded pavilion with electrical outlets. That’s when you’re styling.

Hunter v Granger

Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune
Granger’s Mone Latu as Hunter hosts Granger High School football Friday September 28, 2012 in West Valley City, Utah.

Assignment #255 – Highland Football

Highland High School football, Salt Lake City, Utah

This is one of the few surviving frames from my Friday night shoot. On Saturday my laptop died in the middle of the Utes game, after four years of amazing service.

I’ve got good backup practices in place, but I still lost most of my Highland photos and 25% of the Ute game. Sucks, but time to move on.

Go back up your work, right now. Losing sucks.

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