Salt Lake City , Utah

Sundance Premiere

Trevor Groth, Director of Programming for the Sundance Film Festival welcomes the audience at the premiere of the film, “Robot and Frank” at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday, January 20, 2012 as part of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Colorado City , Arizona

Assignment #8 – Short Creek

1 13 2012 6038
In the bedroom of a former FLDS member, with a portrait of LeRoy Johnson on the wall

Really this was a series of assignments and I don’t know when they will be published, so these photos are outtakes that don’t really go with any of the stories. I’ll post more photos as the stories go live.

The situation in Short Creek (Colorado City and Hildale, two towns known for their polygamous residents) seems murky and in flux. We met lots of new people who are no longer members of Warren Jeffs’ FLDS church and heard their stories. We didn’t talk with any current FLDS members as they seem to have reverted back into quiet mode.

1 14 2012 4695

I always enjoy driving around the towns and soaking in the scenery. Sometimes you shoot and sometimes you don’t. A couple of scenes that I didn’t shoot… Three young girls running away when they saw our car (they seemed so scared). Young boy glaring at me in the open gate leading to his house (had to admire his spunk, he just stared me down as we drove slowly by).

Lots of stories, lots of secrets. After so long watching from afar, this trip reminded me how important the story is, and how the time we’ve invested in it so far has been very valuable. I’ll definitely be going back soon, either on assignment or on my own.


Colorado City , Arizona

Around Short Creek

Ogden , Utah

Funeral for Fallen Officer Jared Francom

We had four photographers covering the funeral of a police officer killed in a drug raid. We had one tasked to the motorcade, one to the service, one doing video and then me at the graveside service…

1 11 2012 5927
Pallbearers with the flag-draped casket.

1 11 2012 4384
Fellow officers leaving their gloves.

1 11 2012 4475
Just before she left, Erin Francom walked up to her husband’s casket and stood quietly. It was a very quick but powerful moment.

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