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Playtime during a support group for parents of autistic kids run by the Granite School District, Thursday, January 31, 2013 at Whittier Elementary School in West Valley City.

This is the back cover

The thought keeps coming to me, over and over and over. This: A lot of my photographs from Short Creek look like photographs coming out of North Korea. Fleeting moments shot on the sly from a moving vehicle with no interaction between photographer and subject, or photographs of lifeless objects like discarded dresses in an empty sewing room or pallets of cardboard stacked on a deserted basketball court. I’ve collected a set of such photographs from a trip I made a year ago.

Short Creek Zine, photos by me – only 50 copies available, ever.
Full color, laser printed, 11×17 folded and unstapled, 20 photographs on 16 pages. Signed and numbered.

FLDS Young Men – The Fire

FLDS boys and a bonfire in Hildale, Utah

This scene was my reward for spending a long day driving around Short Creek looking for anything or anyone worth photographing. In fact, here is the route I drove through the day:

and here are the locations of the photos I took (all from the street, didn’t meet anyone, talk to anyone, or go into any homes):

After a few minutes the boys saw me and moved off into the darkness.

Self Defaced

Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune
Rep. Francis Gibson draws a doodle on his own photograph in a House roster in the House chamber on the second day of the Utah legislative session in Salt Lake City Tuesday, January 29, 2013.
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