no good… Harvey’s Van burns up

Harvey Dunn speaks about his van burning up.

Today all of Harvey Dunn’s belongings burned in a fire that consumed the van he lives in. We saw the billowing flames and smoke from the office and started running. Harvey’s birthday is Monday.

Mike and Will are taking donations to buy him a new camper. You can find them in the Rio Grande area of Salt Lake City. Just ask anyone hanging out around the shelters to point them out.

One of Mike’s daughters died going through methadone withdrawal. His photos of her and his other daughters were destroyed in the fire. He’s relieved that no one was injured or killed. “If my street-dad (Harvey) had died, I’d probably kill myself.”

Easy to be unaware of the tight social bonds of those on the street.

Immigration Rally

Juana Peña holds a sign at a prayer vigil for immigration reform at the Federal Building in Salt Lake City Thursday May 30, 2013.

Candy Kids

Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune
Young fans eating candy as Copper Hills defeats Bingham High School in the 5A softball tournament in Taylorsville Wednesday May 22, 2013. Alta Academy.

Bingham v Copper Hills

Pizza vs. Ice Cream vs. Hot Dog

foul ball, kids day at Salt Lake Bees, SpringMobile Ballpark
Reaction to a foul ball, Salt Lake Bees vs. Memphis Redbirds at SpringMobile Ballpark, Salt Lake City

That’s all good, a pic of a foul ball. But one of the greatest things I’ve seen at a baseball game was this footrace between pizza, ice cream and hot dog:

foot race between a slice of pizza, ice cream cone, and a hot dog

But now I’m thinking maybe I saw something better, baseball-wise, at some point in my life.

Maybe, Smokey.

In case you’re wondering, hot dog made a late surge at the finish line but ice cream cone won the race. Pizza came in third.

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