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Everything I’ll need to manage the photo staff today in one photograph.

A baby and a wedding have conspired to keep me out of the field for the next few days. Both photo editors are out of the office and I’m tasked with keeping everything running.

With all that goes on and all the characters involved, there’s an amazing reality TV show to be made with the photo department. Any photo department. For the photo editor, the questions and problems never stop coming. During an 8+ hour shift, there are very few moments where you can simply breathe and clear your mind.

I wrote this on the first day: “About a million things just happened in the last 75 minutes. A thousand questions and bunch of problems and a ton of maneuvering.”

Later I sat down and wrote, “It’s 4:33pm. Finally a moment to think.” And just as I finished those seven words, someone walked up to my desk with more questions that needed answers.

All photographers should spend time working the desk. You gain an invaluable view of the operation and how your own actions affect it.

After my first day as photo editor I leave the office and photograph a single mom. She’s very nice but is obviously a little uncomfortable being photographed for the story. As I leave she says, “I hope I never have to see you again, and I mean that in the best possible way.”

At the end of my second day as photo editor, someone forgot to put in an assignment to photograph a mountain bike trail. There’s no one able to do it so I simply shift my plans for the evening to mountain biking and sneak a few photographs as we enjoy a great trail.

On the morning of my third day as photo editor I find out that I was sent to the wrong bike trail. The photos can’t be used.

It never ends.

American Fork Canyon , Utah


Provo , Utah

Missionary Training Center (MTC)

Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune
Jared Knighton and Taylor Clark study mormon scriptures at the Missionary Training Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Provo Tuesday June 18, 2013.

Eagle Point Ski Resort , Utah

Miss Lissa Meow

Miss Lissa Meow dances as The Heavy Guilt performs at the Roots of the Rocks music festival at the Eagle Point Ski Resort Saturday, June 15, 2013 east of Beaver.
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