The past two years, with so many societal changes, have brought to my mind this question: What things are normal and accepted today that won’t be in the future?

We don’t photograph the normal things. But I’m trying to stop putting my camera down when something happens that I’ve seen over and over and at the time seems superficial to what I’m covering.

I’ve been thinking about things like injuries at football games. Over the years I’ve found myself not photographing them, or just taking a photo in case it’s a big blow to the team’s season to lose a star player or something like that.

But has a bigger story been at play the entire time?

Football players get injured. It’s a normal part of life.

But I wonder how normal it will look in the future as we learn more and more about CTE. Reading League of Denial is enough to open anyone’s eyes to the dangers to the head.

But with that said, congrats to the state champs! Right?

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