Top 8 from 1987

My top 8 photos from 1987 are nearly all from punk rock shows at 924 Gilman Street. What an honor to be there at the beginning; our band played Gilman Street opening weekend. But like a fool I usually left my camera at home so no photos of Clown Alley, Neurosis, Justice League, Christ on Parade, Violent Coercion, Verbal Abuse, Special Forces, MDC, Dead Kennedys, and so many others. I shot like five rolls of NOFX while Melvin bled all over his guitar. That film is lost.

Idaho / 1987

I spent the first four months of 1987 in Idaho, skipping class and reading photography books in the library. Or out taking pictures. I was obsessed.

San Francisco / 1987

Back in California I worked at Photo Spectrum learning the darkroom and photographing the streets of San Francisco.