Cranbrook , British Columbia

Exhaust Fumes Permeate Lobby

exhaust fumes permeate lobby, thank you, Wednesday April 19, 2017. heritage inn

From Yelp:

This hotel needs a total renovation, rooms stink, bathroom totally outdated, air conditioning noisy, hot tub has black mould in the tilling, shower has no pressure, beds are sunken, south side of hotel has traffic noise and the North side has train tracks, the restaurant and lounge has good food and reasonable price, location is right on the highway. Only reason I’m staying here is due to work otherwise I would stay elsewhere

Cranbrook , British Columbia

Winston Blackmore

Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune
A Holy Bible pin on the suit of Winston Blackmore, as he leaves court in Cranbrook, B.C., Tuesday April 18, 2017. Blackmore and co-defendant James Oler are the first fundamentalist Mormons to be tried for polygamy in Canada.
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