Olympic Torch Ceremony at Delicate Arch

The Olympic Torch arrives in Utah, beginning with a sunrise ceremony and blessing performed by Frank Arrowchis, a member of the Whiteriver band of the Northern Ute Indian Tribe. Arrowchis then handed to torch to his 16-year-old granddaughter, Stephanie Laree Spann. At Balanced Rock, Natalie Hettman took the torch by bike, after a Torch Relay Official removed the hula girl from the handlebars of the bike. 02.04.2002, 7:38:20 AM


Olympic Torch in Philadelphia

The Olympic Torch stops in Philadelphia Saturday night at Independence National Historic Park, site of the Liberty Bell. Four widows of the World Trade Center Attack do a quick torch pass. They are, left to right (in most frames) Fiona Havlish, Debbie Senko, Tara Bane, and Suzanne Berger. 12.22.2001, 5:57:21 PM

Olympic Torch at the Pentagon

Chief Petty Officer Bernard Brown (of Washington DC) carries the Olympic Torch up to the Pentagon Friday. Brown's son, Bernard Brown Jr., was on board the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Brown Sr. works in the Navy office at the Pentagon but had taken the morning of September 11 off. The Olympic Torch Relay made a stop at the Pentagon Friday as a tribute to various heroes and victims of the September 11th attack. . 12.21.2001, 10:10:19 AM