UNPA Awards Website

Skyline High School's basketball team dogpiles on Liz Johnson (15, bottom) after Johnson hit a last second shot to beat Davis and send Skyline to Saturday's State Championship game.

The UNPA website with galleries of the winning photographs, portfolios, and multimedia presentations is now online. Make sure you check out the portfolio of photographer of the year Ramin Rahimian. He’s shooting from the heart, for himself, and it shows in the work. This marks the end of contest season for me. My UNPA tally—…

The Flying Goalkeeper

Salt Lake City - Davis goalkeeper J.T. Webster makes a leaping save. Skyline's Gemachu Goesse (28) at center, Davis's Adam West at right. Skyline vs. Davis boys high school soccer, Thursday, March 13, 2008.

My thanks to Davis goalkeeper J.T. Webster. This guy was all over the place vs. Skyline, making leaping saves, diving saves, and putting his head in the way of several pairs of flying cleats. Give me a cloudy day and a soccer game anytime, especially with a goalkeeper like Webster.