Beatdown at Warped Tour

Violence breaks out at the Salt Lake City, Utah stop of the Vans Warped Tour as hardcore punks and straightedge kids stomp their victim. In the mid 90's after numerous violent incidents, the Salt Lake City Police Department formally declared straightedge a violent gang. July 10, 1999. photo copyright - Trent Nelson.


Spencer Merkely stands, wearing a "Vegan" sweatshirt that got him suspended from Bingham High School, while Dave Diener (right, light shirt) addresses the Jordan School District Board on behalf of the Utah Animal Rights Coalition.

Go Vegan

Spencer Merkely was expelled from Bingham High School for wearing a sweatshirt with the word "Vegan" on it. The shirt he is wearing in this photo is not the one he was wearing when suspended, but school administrators told him he couldn't wear this one, either, or else he would face expulsion