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As the FLDS women began to tell journalists about having their children taken into state’s custody I began circling the group, looking for the most promising person to photograph. I guess in these situations we often are drawn to the most dramatic scenes. But it’s not like this was the only person upset. Being removed from the shelter where their children are being held was undoubtedly a traumatic experience for these mothers.

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Anyway, this is Marie, who is now without her three children.

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I must admit that I was so focused on capturing these moments that I have no idea what the women were saying, other than that they felt that they had been lied to by officials and that they were very upset and worried about their children. But you can see that in Marie’s face.

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  1. Lew Harry

    I can see her hurt and pain, and I really feel sorry for her, but polygamy and paedophelia is just wrong.

  2. carol putney

    I feel for this woman and the rest. But where is her husband, why is he not supporting her? Why are the women having to fight pretty much alone? I believe that the underage girls being forced into marriage is the only stickler at this compound. That of course should be looked into. imo, if the wife doesnt care if hubby is coming home with a new woman, to live there, and bed her hubby, why should I? But on the plus side, I bet their crime rate is very very low. I bet you could leave your doors unlocked when you leave. I bet when your child is late for dinner it doesnt put you in a panic, for you know all are members of your church.School is safe, no guards, and police around, or some kid with a gun. From what I see there isnt even obesity. Doesnt sound half bad.

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