Spanish Fork , Utah

Holi Festival

Spanish Fork – Spring was welcomed at the Hare Krishna Temple during Holi, The Festival of Colors Saturday March 28, 2009. Thousands gathered to throw colored powder into the air, signifying the joy and colors of spring arriving.

Provo , Utah

Thoughts after PhotoCamp

3.14.2009 6602.jpg

Just a quick post about yesterday’s first PhotoCamp Utah. It was a great event. Above is the crowd just before my presentation, which I recorded and will put together with my photographs so you can check it out if you weren’t there.

The thing that sticks in my mind after PhotoCamp is that there are so many photographers and groups of photographers out there that I’ve never met. And I think that a lot of the attendees were unfamiliar with my work, which made it a great opportunity to evangelize photojournalism. One twittered this before I went on: “The chief photographer of the Salt Lake Tribune is the keynote speaker at the closing session of #photocamput I thought newspapers are dead.”

After yesterday I realize that I need to pay more attention to the passionate photographers working in other disciplines. It’s not enough to know all the photojournalists. As for us photojournalists, we need to spread the word about what we do outside of our own incestuous world. I can tell you that our work is very well received out there, and there are millions who share our love of the still camera.

The talent and skill on display yesterday was inspiring. After the eight-hour event, about thirty photographers turned out for a photo walk in downtown Provo. That’s dedication. You can see their work by clicking here.

Can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m predicting attendance to the next PhotoCamp will be more than double the 300 or so who were there for the first one.

Here are some links from the PhotoCamp site to a few of the Utah photography groups I’m talking about:

Photowalking Utah
Provo Area Digital Photography Meetup Group
Utah Photo Safari
Wasatch Camera Club
Photographix Camera Club
SLC Photo Club
Utah Strobists
Utah Creative Freelancers

Provo , Utah


Provo – About Thirty photographers gathered at the historic Utah County Courthouse for the Photo Camp Utah 2009 Scavenger Hunt PhotoWalk Saturday March 14, 2009. 3.14.2009. Marshall Rudd, molly hunter

Salt Lake City , Utah

Utah v Florida

Salt Lake City , Utah

Jesus Valverde

Jesus Valverde, patron saint of drug traffickers, hangs from the rear view mirror of a Utah Highway Patrol vehicle.

Ogden , Utah

Ken Hammond Hearing

3.02.2009 5075.jpg

About this hearing, Tribune reporter Nate Carlisle wrote:

Two years after he traded gunfire at Trolley Square, former police Officer Ken Hammond on Monday pleaded no contest to receiving oral sex from a teenage girl while on duty.

3.02.2009 5095.jpg

I was the pool photographer in the courtroom. The judge’s order limited photos of pretty much everything but Hammond and his attorney, Brenda Beaton. It was over pretty quick, and I knew that several television cameras were waiting to film Hammond leaving the building.

I exited the third floor courtroom behind Hammond and saw his party filling the elevator. I asked a nearby deputy if there were stairs down to the lobby. He looked me over for a second and said, “You’ll have to take the elevator.”

I love how deputies and baliffs will sometimes mislead me without outright lying. It keeps me on my toes. I spotted Deseret News reporter Ben Winslow going into a door marked “Vending” and quickly realized that’s where the stairs were. I ran after Winslow and we beat the elevator to the lobby.

3.02.2009 5133.jpg

I’m thinking the deputy upstairs was trying to slow me down to prevent further photos of Hammond. Let’s face it, it’s a bad day for the guy and cops looking out for each other is nothing new. But Hammond had the guts to take his lumps— he and his attorney stopped on the courthouse steps to make a brief statement. That’s where I got the last photo.

Hammond will be sentenced on April 21 and faces up to one year in jail.

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