Judge vs. Ogden

8.28.2009 2191.jpg

Sometimes you see stuff in the edit that you didn’t see on the field. Like Judge’s Peter Lyons getting a few fingers in his face. Other shots I liked from tonight’s first half action:

8.28.2009 2145.jpg

Judge quarterback Daniel Shiramizu, pursued by Ogden’s Danzel Swinton

8.28.2009 2227.jpg

Ogden’s #99 is Alfonso PereaCouldn’t send this one in (above). Number 89’s name not on roster. Other guy is Keven Oritz. Sorry 89, get a name next time.

8.28.2009 1988.jpg

Two angles on Nik Allred scoring a diving touchdown. Not in a good angle at all for this touchdown. Sometimes it’s a matter of luck.

8.28.2009 1991.jpg

And a horrible angle on this TD by Eric Porter:

8.28.2009 2304.jpg

So be it.

My Camera’s Wandering Eye

8.25.2009 1388.jpg

But I can’t blame the stupid camera for losing track of the game action. There was a lot to be distracted by when Juan Diego tied Bingham 3-3 in high school girls soccer today. Things like the parents behind me yelling at the refs. I’d heard parents yell at the refs before, but I hadn’t ever heard parents yelling directly at the opposing players before. And I’d never heard a coach talking smack to a player on the other team. Juan Diego’s Jenn Flynn can back me up on that one:

8.25.2009 1700.jpg

MLS All-Star Practice Session

7.28.2009 470701.jpg

Davy Arnaud

A couple frames from the Major League Soccer All-Star practice session. For all the worry I had about getting a good frame at this, there was a great moment when Wilman Conde suddenly leaned in and signed the front element of my lens. A total surprise, but it made a great frame.

7.28.2009 5246.jpg

And for the record, filter intact. Conde left the cap on the pen.

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